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Floating Landscape

It is an architecture that floats on the terrain like the branches and leaves of a tree, which draws a new landscape while coexisting with ancient trees.The buildings floats from the ground without scraping the ground. This land-specific architecture makes effective use of untree-planted areas, adapts to the terrain and ecosystems, and expresses the environment more attractively. A powerful structure like an ancient tree supports a transparent building floating in the air on a beautiful landscape.


Huizhou, Guangdong, CHAINA

Hotel, Villa, Residence
Team: Ayami Takada, Shogo Yamauchi(Yamauchi Architects Atelier), Elisabetta Tosoni

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The buildings allow you to get closer to the various heights of trees with different expressions, so you can appreciate their history, cultural value, and appeal as beautiful plants that can only be found there from more angles. All the rooms face different directions, like the branches and leaves of an ancient tree, to ensure privacy.

A unique villa where you can enjoy going around three-dimensional townhouse that makes it possible to utilize a large space by stacking separate buildings on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors instead of arranging them side by side.and where the volumes of various heights overlap.

It will function as a device to improve the environment. Roofs and facades will be designed with permeable and translucent textures to allow for rainwater harvesting, solar radiation shielding, natural ventilation, and ventilation. There are a number of mechanisms to ensure comfort in a hot and humid climate with high temperatures and frequent rainfall. Semi-outdoor spaces such as terraces and penthouses are created by louvered roofs and walls that serve as eaves and sun screens. Water shields with transparent roofs and walls allow people to enjoy natural light and fresh air even during rainy periods. You can enjoy the shimmering water that flows through the building and the lake.

A set of four tough pillars like ancient trees supports the volume of the living room like leaves in the air. A simple and rational structure creates various values. The common area on the 1st and 2nd floors of the hotel has a banquet with a height of 2 layers, and you can enjoy the space of sunlight through the trees like outdoors. It is made by combining different materials in the right place in the right place for the strong main structure and the light secondary structure that does not put a load on the main structure.

Energy saving
It can be adjusted with a movable louver to take in natural light in a design manner, or it can be used as a substitute for lighting during the day. Buildings with windows in various directions provide natural ventilation according to the direction of the wind, creating a comfortable environment that does not rely on air conditioning.

Return, Inheritance
A group of new tree-like buildings that amplify the environment will be created in the forest of ancient trees. The exterior of louvers and the like will change color over time and become more quaint, and functional dwelling units will continue to be used vividly even if they are used differently, and the building will continue to grow as the trees growth.

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