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Shizuoka City Cultural Hall

Under the policy of "Machi wa Gekijo," Shizuoka City has been promoting urban development through the creation of mechanisms for the casual enjoyment of street performances, theater, music, and other cultural and artistic creative activities. The facility will be positioned as Shizuoka City Culture Hall, and a three-dimensional plaza specializing in performing arts will be developed in conjunction with the approach and exterior, Sunpu Castle Park, and the History Museum.

It will be a place that enriches the ideas and enhances the imagination of artists and citizens by incorporating exciting spatial experiences that are extraordinary even in the midst of everyday life. Shizuoka City Culture Hall and its plaza will become a part of the daily lives of citizens as they walk through the city, and will include new content that will make the area a destination and favorite place for both daily and extraordinary civic activities.


Client: Shizuoka City
Shizuoka, JAPAN

23,790m2 (Site: 36,231m2)

Hall, Studio, Park, Parking lot

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