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The fabric which inherits the technique of tie-dyeing that has been refined in Kyoto, JAPAN, is based on the belief that “tradition is in innovation”.

We made an art space where anyone can enjoy the unique texture by wrapping scarves and accessories and creating a space with fabric.


Osaka, JAPAN
Pop-up Store
144 m2

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Katayama Bunzaburo Shoten's unique and sometimes bold designs that utilize the uneven characteristics of tie-dyeing form a fusion of fashion and art, a completely new "WEARABLE ART. Today, we continue to be able to propose new ideas and ways to enjoy life using the traditional craft of tie-dyeing in Kyoto.

Multiple spherical balloons are grouped together to form a shape, and fabric that utilizes the characteristics of unevenness is wrapped around it. We created a display with a three-dimensional artwork that stands out even from a distance due to the three-dimensionality of the fabric. The fabric wraps around the pillars and walls that divide the space and characterize the brand. Bars are placed between the existing shelving columns to support the display stands, and hooks are hung to display bags and other items. By deploying the display stands and dividing walls in random directions, we can break down the restrictions on the use of space caused by the existing rows of pillars and use the display space more widely. By wrapping the shelf posts with fabric, the display stands and products seem to float in the air.

We created a pop and fun space with colorful products scattered three-dimensionally throughout the space, which is unified in monotonous color tones except for the wooden floor.

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